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CALL: BUA seed funding for “Global Health”

Lupe [1]

Seed funding (personnel funds for 3 months)
+ idea workshop for project initiation

Background information:

The “Office for Grand Challenge Initiatives – Dialog Platform” support initiative is intended to strengthen the success potential of the TU Berlin within the structural framework of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). It aims to do so by providing support to foster networking among researchers within TU Berlin and between TU Berlin and other BUA institutions for the initiation of joint projects. For this purpose, several measures focusing on the BUA’s Grand Challenges are being implemented to support joint initiatives from the initial idea to the search for suitable partners through to the submission of a proposal. The support initiative makes an overarching contribution to Objective 1: Grand Challenge Initiatives. The special workshop formats included in the support initiative also contribute to Objective 2: Fostering Knowledge Exchange.

Goal and object:

The following factors are essential for the successful initiation of a joint research project:

1. Identification of joint goals and synergies for collaboration

2. Successful coordination of the object of research (including iterative idea development) and ongoing communication with (potential) project partners

Within the framework of the funding initiative "Office for Grand Challenge Initiatives - Dialogue Platform", TU Berlin researchers will receive support to successfully design the preliminary and early phases of development of a joint initiative in the field of the Grand Challenge "Global Health". Initiatives will be supported with two combined support measures announced in this call together as the BUA joint seed funding package:

1. Idea workshops (Dialogue Platform):

In order to develop joint goals and identify synergies for collaboration, selected joint initiatives will receive support in the form of idea workshops (potentially in digital format). Experience from 70+ workshops for joint research projects will be used to structure the development of the respective research ideas for the "Global Health” Grand Challenge and drive these forward through tailored, method-driven, and result-oriented moderation.

2. Seed funding

Selected joint projects will receive three months of seed funding to use towards the successful coordination of the project (including iterative design and the development of the research idea) and ongoing communication with (potential) project partners in the early phase of initiating a joint project within the “Global Health” Grand Challenge. This consists of personnel funds for 1 full-time research associate (salary grade E13). Additional funds for 1 student assistant position can be requested.

Funding period for the combined support offer: 01.10.2020 to 31.12.2020. For budgetary reasons, it is not possible to receive funding outside of this time frame.


Applications may be submitted by the heads of TU Berlin academic chairs (Emmy Noether grantees, ERC-Starting Grantees and persons with comparable funding are treated equally). The application should be 3-4 pages (Arial, font size 11, at least 1.15 line spacing) and include the following information:

1. Participants of the joint project
Who are the (potential) partners in the joint project? (Name, organization, academic chair)

2. Preliminary objective and research idea of the joint project
What is to be achieved? How does the project address the global challenge of "Global Health"? What is the research question? What is the object of the research? What social added value does the project create?

3. Preliminary work
Which existing preliminary work of the partners can the project build on? (Brief list of most important preliminary work)

4. Strategic relevance
How does the project contribute to the profiles of TU Berlin and the Berlin University Alliance? (Brief description)

5. Timetable and working plan (including idea workshop)
What are the timetable and working plan for the initiation phase? When and to what aim should a method-driven idea workshop be held?

6. Necessity of funding
Why is funding through BUA seed funding necessary? (Brief description)

Selection criteria:

  • Originality of the proposal
  • Correlation to the objectives of the Berlin University Alliance
  • Compelling selection of (potential) partners
  • Social added value
  • Goal-oriented preliminary work
  • Feasibility of the timetable and working plan
  • Need for funding 


Projects will be selected for funding by the vice president for strategic development, Professor Dr. Angela Ittel, and the vice president for research, Professor Dr.-Ing. Christine Ahrend.


Submitting applications:
Please send your application documents, signed by the head of the academic chair, as a single PDF file to: mail [2][at [3]]dialogplattform.tu-berlin.de [4]


Open Call text as pdf:

Deutsch [5] | English [6]



Dr. Stefanie Retzlaff, +49 (0)30 314-25389, stefanie.retzlaff[at]tu-berlin.de [7]

Dr. Sören Stange, +49 (0)30 314-23864, stange[at]tu-berlin.de [8]

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