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I have or am developing an interdisciplinary research project and need operative support - can I request funding from the Dialogue Platform?

The Dialogue Platform only funds its own formats. If the area in which you need support falls in the area of finding a common object of research or in networking your group project, then you can apply for the Dialogue Platform’s calls for applications for the idea workshop or networking workshops. If you need support in the area of process diagnostics, you can request the Dialogue Platform’s corresponding format from the coordinator.

I have or am developing an interdisciplinary cooperative project in the area of teaching / in the area of transfer, can I take advantage of the Dialogue Platform’s formats?

No, the Dialogue Platform is a tool for internal research funding. It only supports research initiatives that are suited for consortium projects as well as existing consortium projects.

I have or am developing an interdisciplinary project, but the Dialogue Platform’s offers don’t fit my needs. Who can I talk to?

You can talk to the Dialogue Platform coordinator. He will be happy to help you find the right service partner at the TU Berlin.

In the descriptions for the Dialogue Platform’s formats, methods are often mentioned. Which methods are used?

In the last ten years, the challenges of expedient process design in research groups and consortium initiatives have increasingly become the object of research at the intersection of science studies, organizational sociology, and business studies. The Dialogue Platform’s formats were developed together with experts from this area. The methods used are moderation, creativity, and process analysis techniques that have been adapted to the special requirements of researching in consortia - and can be adapted further depending on individual needs. They can help find individual, expedient solutions for your group project’s problems or support conditions that increase the chances of success for finding an original, consensual idea when initiating a consortium.

Which role does the Dialogue Platform’s coordinator play?

The Dialogue Platform’s coordinator is responsible for the operative implementation of the Platform’s five formats. In advance, he supervises the calls for applications, advises interested researchers, initiatives, and consortia, and assists in the selection procedure. After approval, depending on the format he takes on further tasks:

  • Networking workshop: Organization, methodological design, if applicable moderation
  • Process diagnostics: methodological design, discussion moderation
  • Methods workshop: Organization, coordination of content
  • Conference of ideas: Organization, coordination of content
  • Idea workshop: methodological design, if applicable moderation

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